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A "listserv" is a group email list that we use to connect and communicate with other KHCA Residents. It offers a place to post everything from yard sales to pet sitting to crime reports and any other community issues. To join, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to:

  2. Click the +Join Group tab toward the top, and pick your options for how to receive the listserv emails.

  3. To post a message on the listserv once you have joined the listserv, send an email to:

In addition, many of us are members of the "Nextdoor" website; this site connects us not only with those within Kensington Heights but also in many surrounding neighborhoods. We urge you to sign up with both sites to make sure you hear the latest news from all over your community. All you need to do is visit and follow the instructions to sign up.


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