Meeting Summary: Knowles Manor Proposed Development

The development of 94 apartments as affordable housing/independent living for seniors 62+ has been proposed for the area across the street from Strosniders currently occupied by two houses (3906/3910 Knowles Avenue). It is to be known as Knowles Manor. Ms. Donna Savage of Kensington Heights attended the January 22 public meeting on the proposal, and she has shared her meeting summary with KHCA.

Public Meeting January 22, 2019
Knowles Manor Proposed Development: 3906/3910 Knowles Avenue
Meeting Summary Courtesy of Ms. Donna Savage

Meeting held at Kensington Town Hall. Location of development: across Knowles Ave. from Strosnider’s, where two houses now stand.

Presenters: Don Tucker, president of Communities Together Inc. (nonprofit)

Michael Tucker (his son), EDG Architects, LLC

(not present – Duncan Ferguson will be in charge of “resident engagement”)

Basic info about this development:

  • 94 rental apartments total; affordable housing independent living for seniors 62+

  • 31,000 square foot building, u-shaped with central courtyard, 5 floors with underground garage with 48 parking spots plus loading area, driveway on west side with access from/to Knowles, “lay-by lane” in front of building to accommodate bus loading, ride pickups, etc.

  • Income guidelines (median income in County is $50K for family of 2):
    - 75% of apartments reserved for seniors with 60% of median income
    - 15% of apartments reserved for seniors with 80% of median income
    - 10% of apartments reserved for seniors with 30% of median income

  • 40% will be 1-bedroom apartments & 60% will be 2-bedrooms

  • Resident characteristics (expected): 70% female, 70% single, 70% in mid-70s, less than half expected to own a car

  • Other amenities: large multi-use community gathering space that abuts the courtyard, wellness office, fitness center, lobby with transit screen (transit info also available in apartments), rental office; total of 4 full-time staff

  • Focus will be on social activities, with residents deciding on the programs; no communal dining hall

  • Construction: earliest start would be Fall 2019, with about 14 months to completion; will keep construction equipment as much as possible to the property to minimize disruption to Knowles traffic

Builders/developers reduced the original proposal of 123 apartments and 6 floors (which is allowed under current zoning of this property) to 94 apartments and 5 floors.

The October 2018 staff report of the MC Planning Department, which includes sketches, pictures, the proposed (lower-number) development, and written public comments, is here:

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